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Short Takes

  • Can I Be Sappy?

    Can I Be Sappy?

    In true Schmuel spirit, Maya Chen reflects on her last seven years of friendship while attending “The Last Five Years” in Sierra Madre.

    Jun 10

  • Facsimile the Cosmos

    Facsimile the Cosmos

    Jack Skelley pays the piper at the gates of Zebulon: Robyn Hitchcock covering Syd Barrett songs in Los Angeles.

    Jun 7

  • Million Dollar Babyface

    Million Dollar Babyface

    Madeleine Connors finds herself in a headlock of glorious spectacle at the Sukeban all-female pro-wrestling championship in L.A.

    Jun 5

  • One for the Road

    One for the Road

    Honk if you love Brittany Menjivar taking the scenic route at Petersen Automotive Museum’s “Eyes on the Road” exhibit.

    Jun 3

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LARB Radio Hour

  • Does Criticism Still Matter?

    LARB Radio Hour

    Does Criticism Still Matter?

    In this special episode, hosts Medaya Ocher, Kate Wolf, and Eric Newman debate an age-old question: what does it mean for criticism to “matter”?

    Jun 11

  • Erik Davis on the Art of LSD

    LARB Radio Hour

    Erik Davis on the Art of LSD

    Erik Davis joins Kate Wolf to speak about his latest book, “Blotter: The Untold Story of an Acid Medium.”

    May 31

  • Legacy Russell’s “Black Meme”

    LARB Radio Hour

    Legacy Russell’s “Black Meme”

    Writer and curator Legacy Russell joins Kate Wolf to discuss her new book, “Black Meme,” which theorizes the history of viral images of Blackness in...

    May 24

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The LARB Quarterly

LARB Quarterly, no. 41: Truth

Become a member to get LARB Quarterly, no. 41: “Truth” featuring Sarah Yanni, Rachel Cusk, Ira Sachs, CAConrad, and more!...

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