Short Takes

  • Want More Luca Guadagnino?

    Want More Luca Guadagnino?

    In light of the cinematic success of Luca Guadagnino’s “Challengers,” Emily Quintanilla revisits the Perlman family in Northern Italy.

    May 17

  • “Who’s Eve Babitz?”

    “Who’s Eve Babitz?”

    Paul Thompson scratches the surface of Eve Babitz’s Los Angeles on the occasion of her birthday.

    May 13

  • Mothers and Daughters and Sons, Oh My!

    Mothers and Daughters and Sons, Oh My!

    Mother’s Day inspires Emily Quintanilla to revisit Azarin Sadegh’s review of “What My Mother and I Don’t Talk About: Fifteen Writers Break the...

    May 12

  • Most Valuable Pfeiffer

    Most Valuable Pfeiffer

    Brandon Sward wades through spectral sports audio in search of that yummy-yum at Paul Pfeiffer’s retrospective at MOCA’s Geffen Contemporary.

    May 8

  • All’s Fair at the Ren Faire

    All’s Fair at the Ren Faire

    Brittany Menjivar forgoes turkey legs and opts instead for a taste of pulled pork and momento mori at the Renaissance Faire.

    May 2

  • Melody from Noise

    Melody from Noise

    Copydesk chief A. J. Urquidi ponders urban doom loops, world peace, and sacred riffage at the Helmet and Cro-Mags show in Los Angeles.

    May 1

  • Perfectly Acceptable Adult Rage

    Perfectly Acceptable Adult Rage

    Emily VanKoughnett cuts through the exquisite bullshit and watches Mannequin Pussy create a kind of heaven at the Fonda Theatre.

    Apr 30

  • IKEA Panacea

    IKEA Panacea

    Emily Ann Zisko discovers a cure-all for commercialism, consumerism and c-loneliness at the Burbank IKEA residency exhibition.

    Apr 26

  • Voices from the Borderlands

    Voices from the Borderlands

    The recent outpouring of literary works from Latin America leads Emily Quintanilla to unearth Dick Cluster’s profile of Texas’s own FlowerSong Press...

    Apr 24

  • Who Does and Doesn’t Belong on Everest?

    Who Does and Doesn’t Belong on Everest?

    Your climbing guide Kate Sadoff offers you a “peak” at the release reading of Will Cockrell’s “Everest, Inc.: The Renegades and Rogues Who Built an...

    Apr 23

  • Hello Gorgeous

    Hello Gorgeous

    Maya Chen attends “Funny Girl” to find the music that makes her dance, even with a sprained ankle.

    Apr 22