Brittany Menjivar

Brittany Menjivar was born and raised in the DMV; she now works and plays in the City of Angels. With her partner in crime Erin Satterthwaite, she runs Car Crash Collective, hosting late-night literary readings at Footsies Bar in Los Angeles. Her poetry and fiction have been featured in HADDream Boy Book ClubSpectra, and Dirt Child, among other publications. Additionally, she was named a 2023 Best of the Net Award Finalist. You can stream her short film on YouTube’s ALTER Channel, where it has nearly two million views. You can also find her on Substack: she posts cultural criticism via BRITTPOP, and keeps track of the most exciting events happening in L.A. each week via The Angel Almanac.


  • Modern Blur Is Not Rubbish

    Modern Blur Is Not Rubbish

    Woo-hoo! Brittany Menjivar gets her head checked by a jumbo jet at Blur’s pre-Coachella warm-up show in Pomona.

    • This Is Me on Top of You

      This Is Me on Top of You

      Britt Menjivar attends a “hardcore” screening of Mara Mckevitt’s “Val” and Miranda July’s “The Amateurist” in Chinatown.

      • For the Love of Books

        For the Love of Books

        Brittany Menjivar went to the antiquarian book conference and found a fuzzy belly, murderous frog, and rec center chairman.

        • Appreciating Appreciation

          Appreciating Appreciation

          Come for the Gen-X indie film legend, stay for the 245-piece disposable Jack Sparrow tableware set.

          • Walk on the Wild Side

            Walk on the Wild Side

            Brittany Menjivar was so preoccupied with whether or not she could, she didn't stop to think if she should (luckily, she was right).

            • Tuning In to TV Girl

              Tuning In to TV Girl

              Brittany Menjivar braves hoards of TikTokers and first-time concertgoers to report on “America’s favorite indie band.”

              • Prometheus Downtown

                Prometheus Downtown

                APOCALYPSE HALLOWEEN PARTY, Los Angeles, October 28, 2023. As a recent East Coast transplant, I’ve noticed a major difference between New York...