Madeleine Connors

Madeleine Connors is a stand-up comedian and writer living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in places like The New York Times, Bookforum, and Vanity Fair.


  • Simpler Times

    Simpler Times

    Meet me at the coastal indie sleaze–themed comedy show/birthday warehouse party in Downtown Los Angeles?

    • Reporting Live from Hell

      Reporting Live from Hell

      Madeleine Connors shells out for fascism cosplay and finds that sometimes the games are best left on screen.

      • Love Me Once, Love Me Twice

        Love Me Once, Love Me Twice

        Madeleine Connors attends a Jenny Lewis concert at the Hollywood Palladium and finds her just as lovable the second time around.

        • Too Far Gone

          Too Far Gone

          If you're gonna build a career on proximity to coolness, maybe start by ascertaining whether you are—in fact—cool?

          • Music with Teeth

            Music with Teeth

            KNEECAP, The Echo, Los Angeles, October 16, 2023. Here’s my brisk impression of the Irish: I think Conan O’Brien is perhaps the funniest person ever...

            • Escaping the Depths of the Internet

              Escaping the Depths of the Internet

              DEPTHS OF WIKIPEDIA, The Regent Theater, Los Angeles, October 5, 2023. I like the Instagram account Depths of Wikipedia. It’s a curation of the best...

              • Trash, Spectacle, Sentiment

                Trash, Spectacle, Sentiment

                JOHN WATERS: POPE OF TRASH, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, September 23, 2023 to August 04, 2024. Introductory remarks from Daniel Crook...

                • Winning at Being Canceled

                  Winning at Being Canceled

                  LIVE DEBATE: HAS THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION FAILED? at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles, September 13, 2023. Grimes doesn’t really know...