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Short Takes

  • Rob Faucette on Lester Balog

    Rob Faucette on Lester Balog

    1:1 invites writers to reflect on a single work of art with focus, care, and imagination to expand how we view, receive, and write about art.

    Mar 3

  • Velcro Shoes and Moons Over My Hammy

    Velcro Shoes and Moons Over My Hammy

    David Diaz is ready to say “WTF is up, Denny’s?!” after watching Ceremony play their classic 2010 LP “Rohnert Park” live at the Hollywood Palladium.

    Feb 29

  • Shakespeare in the Mental Institution

    Shakespeare in the Mental Institution

    Brooke Hallie Metayer asks, “Wherefore art thou, Romeo and Juliet ballet?” and finds it at the Ahmanson Theater, courtesy of choreographer Matthew...

    Feb 23

  • When Grown Men Cry

    When Grown Men Cry

    Outside the Crypto.com Arena, the grief and love of grown men briefly erupted in a gush of tears and chants and memories.

    Feb 15

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