• Notes on Hack

    Notes on Hack

    A Hack comic is a sheep in wolf’s clothing, “poking fun,” never “killing.” He is the jester who won’t risk the king’s displeasure.

    • Three Novels

      Three Novels

      By Nightfall, like The Hours, is chock full of literary reference, especially Thomas Mann (Death in Venice), not Virginia Woolf.

      • Discoveries: Lily Tuck

        Discoveries: Lily Tuck

        YOU SUSPECT IT'S TRUE: what we remember at life's end are the vacations, the concerts, the dinners with friends. In one of the most beautiful love...

        • Discoveries: Michael Cunningham

          Discoveries: Michael Cunningham

          COMBINE FOR A MOMENT the descriptive power of a James Salter novel (oh, those beautiful things!) with the dialogue of a John Fowles novel (Daniel...

          • Discoveries: Maile Meloy

            Discoveries: Maile Meloy

            MAILE MELOY SAYS IT'S FOR AGES ten and up, and I think that includes 52. This delightful secret garden of a novel contains all of your favorite...

            • The Things We Carry

              The Things We Carry

              I wondered if O’Brien’s words, like explosive devices hidden in the humid jungles, had triggered these awful images, or if Iraq simply played forever...

              • Brumaire


                On Occupy Cal and the fight over public education in California.

                • Crimson Front

                  Crimson Front

                  I heard a student exclaim, "This isn’t a protest or demonstration — it’s a process."

                  • Big Tent

                    Big Tent

                    As the tent city grows, a community has sprouted, igniting human interaction in ways that are often anathema to Los Angeles’s sprawl.

                    • People's Libraries

                      People's Libraries

                      Writing my book, I kept asking myself: Why haven’t we fought back? Why don’t 21st century writers organize?

                      • Letter From Oakland

                        Letter From Oakland

                        It was decided, a species of what we might call a “postmodern general strike” will come lumbering out of the revolutionary textbook.

                        • Another L.A. Look

                          Another L.A. Look

                          A symptom?! Why does a book celebrating the talents of individual Los Angeles artists suddenly go all Fernand Braudel on us