Torsa Ghosal

Torsa Ghosal is the author of a book of literary criticism, Out of Mind: Mode, Meditation, and Cognition in Twenty-First Century Narrative (Ohio State University Press, 2021), and an experimental novella, Open Couplets (Yoda Press, India, 2017). Her fiction and personal essays have appeared in Catapult, Necessary Fiction, Literary Hub, Public Seminar, Bustle, and elsewhere. Her academic work considers the conceptualizations of cognition and emotion in contemporary Anglophone literature and multimodal arts, and her writings on these topics can be found in journals like Poetics Today, Studies in the Novel, and Storyworlds. She is an assistant professor of English at California State University, Sacramento, and a host for the Narrative for Social Justice podcast. You can follow her on Twitter @TorsaG and Instagram @torsa_ghosal.