Short Takes

  • How the West Was Revised

    How the West Was Revised

    Rebecca Giordano considers the transformation of the Western genre, both its limitations and its possibilities.

    Dec 24, 2023

  • That’s a Wrap

    That’s a Wrap

    David Diaz follows legendary LA punk band Graf Orlock to the ends of the earth (well, only to Anaheim—but still).

    Dec 20, 2023

  • I Didn’t Play

    I Didn’t Play

    Follow Gracie Hadland’s weekend peregrination through the avant-cultural world of greater Los Angeles, from Koreatown to Pasadena.

    Dec 19, 2023

  • Kathy Acker Masturbated Here

    Kathy Acker Masturbated Here

    For Jack Skelley, Kathy Acker was a writer who both masterfully baited and masturbated, occasionally at the same time.

    Dec 16, 2023

  • Making Room at the Inn

    Making Room at the Inn

    Claire Lewandowski joined a hotel worker union action and learned how to disarm the opposition with some costumes and a whole lot of singing.

    Dec 15, 2023

  • Under the Sign of Saturn

    Under the Sign of Saturn

    Whether on mushrooms or not, the only all-bouffon clown troupe in Los Angeles makes fools of us all—just in time for the holidays.

    Dec 14, 2023

  • Love Me Once, Love Me Twice

    Love Me Once, Love Me Twice

    Madeleine Connors attends a Jenny Lewis concert at the Hollywood Palladium and finds her just as lovable the second time around.

    Dec 13, 2023

  • Nostalgic for Nostalgia

    Nostalgic for Nostalgia

    Sarrah Wolfe attends a Devendra Banhart concert and finds that, sometimes, the charming musician can be exactly as charming as he seems.

    Dec 12, 2023

  • The Dilemma of #Instapoetry

    The Dilemma of #Instapoetry

    Alessia Degraeve explores what is gained, and what is lost, when poetry ventures off the page and onto the screen.

    Dec 8, 2023

  • From Guyana with Love

    From Guyana with Love

    Brandon Sward traces the lines between race, sexuality, and colonialism in Vishal Jugdeo’s “Caribbean Television” at Commonwealth and Council.

    Dec 6, 2023

  • Tuning In to TV Girl

    Tuning In to TV Girl

    Brittany Menjivar braves hoards of TikTokers and first-time concertgoers to report on “America’s favorite indie band.”

    Nov 30, 2023

  • Crown Jewel

    Crown Jewel

    David Diaz time-travels to a special moment in New York history, finding it as vibrant now as it was then.

    Nov 28, 2023