Emma dePaulo Reid

Emma DePaulo Reid is an L.A.-based screenwriter and artist from Washington, D.C. She is just as old as her tongue, and a little bit older than her teeth.


  • Towards a New Plastic Order

    Towards a New Plastic Order

    Emma dePaulo Reid determines whether haircutting, tree trunks, and negated flour chickens were wise beyond their years at the Hammer Museum’s “Only...

    • Backseat Filming

      Backseat Filming

      Emma dePaulo Reid explores what it might mean to experience the Russian invasion of Ukraine from the backseat of a van.

      • Under the Sign of Saturn

        Under the Sign of Saturn

        Whether on mushrooms or not, the only all-bouffon clown troupe in Los Angeles makes fools of us all—just in time for the holidays.