Michael Scott Moore

Michael Scott Moore is a journalist and a novelist, author of an upcoming novel about police drones as well as Too Much of Nothing, a comic novel set in the punk-rock beach suburbs of 1980s Los Angeles. His travel book about surfing, Sweetness and Blood, was named a best book of 2010 by The Economist and Popmatters. He worked for several years as an editor and writer at Spiegel Online in Berlin. During 2011–’12 he covered a trial of 10 Somali pirates in Germany, then traveled to Somalia to research a book. He was kidnapped and held hostage for two and a half years. A memoir about that ordeal, The Desert and the Sea, is out now from HarperWave. Moore has covered the European migration crisis for Bloomberg Businessweek, and politics, travel, books, and theater for The AtlanticThe Paris ReviewPacific StandardDer SpiegelThe New York TimesThe L.A. TimesThe New RepublicSlatePolitico, and SF Weekly. He’s won Fulbright, Logan, and Pulitzer Center grants for his nonfiction, as well as a Silver Nautilus Award in Journalism and Investigative Reporting; and Yaddo, MacDowell, and DeWitt Wallace/Reader’s Digest fellowships for his fiction.


Another Holy Land

Michael Scott Moore reviews D. J. Waldie's new book, "Becoming Los Angeles: Myth, Memory, and a Sense of Place."...

Antifa Dust

Michael Scott Moore on the history and future of Antifa....

The Drone Dilemma

A critique of American drone warfare contains vigorous and damning information about its abuses but also contains a huge blind spot....

The Language of Torture

Ingrid Betancourt has enough powerful descriptions of torture in "The Blue Line" to scare a reader straight....

The Language of Torture
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