Dick Cluster

Dick Cluster is a writer and translator who lives in Oakland, California. He is editor and translator of Kill the Ámpaya!: Best Latin American Baseball Fiction (Mandel Vilar Press, 2017) and co-author with Rafael Hernández of History of Havana, a social history of the Cuban capital since its founding in 1519. A new edition of that history, expanded to cover the events of the past 10 years, appeared from OR Books in December 2017. He is the author of a crime novel series featuring car mechanic and sometime sleuth Alex Glauberman. Having lucked into a rare opportunity to live and work in Havana in the 1990s, Cluster’s literary translation specialty has been Cuban fiction written on the island. His translations include Mylene Fernández Pintado’s novel of Havana, A Corner of the World (City Lights Books, 2014), Abel Prieto’s The Flight of the Cat, and story collections by Pedro de Jesús (Vital Signs) and Aida Bahr (Ofelias). The latter, eight stories of women on the edge of madness, is available in a bilingual edition from Cubanabooks of Chico, California. Cluster’s translation of Ecuadorean novelist Gabriela Alemán’s eco-noir genre mashup Poso Wells will be published in July 2018 by City Lights. He also translates scholarly work from the Ca Dick Cluster.jpg ribbean, Mexico, South America, and Spain.