Jonathan Pedneault

Jonathan Pedneault is a researcher with the Emergencies division at Human Rights Watch. Jonathan previously worked as a researcher in the Africa division, where he investigated international human rights and humanitarian law violations committed by government and rebel forces in South Sudan. Prior to joining Human Rights Watch in January 2016, Jonathan worked as a consulting researcher with Amnesty International in the Central African Republic, where he reported on the protection of civilians and sexual abuses by UN peacekeepers. In 2013 and 2014, he trained South Sudanese and Central African radio reporters to conflict-sensitive journalism. From 2010 to 2012, Jonathan co-directed "The New Great Game," a 52-minute documentary shot in Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Asia for CBC/Radio-Canada, Al Jazeera, and Arte that focused on the multi-polarization of the Middle East's maritime geopolitics. The first documentary he coproduced for CBC/Radio-Canada — "Refuge: a film about Darfur" — was released in 2008. Jonathan speaks French, English, and Spanish.