Gerry Canavan

Gerry Canavan is an assistant professor in the English department at Marquette University, teaching 20th- and 21st-century literature. His current research projects include Science Fiction and Totality and Modern Masters of Science Fiction: Octavia E. Butler, as well as co-editing The Cambridge Companion to American Science Fiction and the journal Science Fiction Film and Television. His edited collection of critical essays, Green Planets: Ecology and Science Fiction, is available now from Wesleyan University Press.


Quiet, Too Quiet

Cixin Liu's "The Dark Forest" takes up the Fermi Paradox as one of its central narrative and thematic problems....

The Warm Equations

"Aurora" and "Seveneves" break us out of our supremely well-rehearsed habit of apocalypse and let us see the option of a different future than permanent, hopeless standoff....

Struggle Forever

ldquo;SORRY, BUT IT'S TRUE. It has to be said: the stars exist beyond human time, beyond human reach. We live ...

Struggle Forever