Sabrina Imbler’s “How Far the Light Reaches”

By LARB Radio HourJanuary 6, 2023

Sabrina Imbler’s “How Far the Light Reaches”
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Eric Newman and Medaya Ocher speak with Sabrina Imbler, a Brooklyn-based writer and science journalist, about their debut essay collection, How Far the Light Reaches: A Life in Ten Sea Creatures. Part creature feature, part memoir, each essay explores the life of a unique sea animal as a means of illuminating key experiences from Sabrina’s own life story. Across essays the life of a Chinese sturgeon is a catalyst for understanding a grandmother, a whale necropsy for understanding a dying romance, or a bloom of slippery slopes who help us understand the ephemeral joys of queer gathering. Across the collection, Imber asks us to think about how our lives mirror those of the animals around us, especially the ones who so often escape our gaze, just like the darker facets of our own personalities and histories.

Also, the writer and curator Jordan Stein, author of Riptales, returns to recommend Eat Your Mind: The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker by Jason McBride.

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