LARB Radio Hour: Seth Greenland's New 19th Century Novel

By LARB Radio HourOctober 5, 2018

LARB Radio Hour: Seth Greenland's New 19th Century Novel
It's the LARB Radio Reunion Show, as the original triumvirate of hosts — Seth Greenland, Laurie Winer, and Tom Lutz — reconvene on the occasion of the publication of Seth's new novel, The Hazards of Good Fortune. The witty repartee flows forth as if they never skipped a beat. Seth speaks of the motivations and inspirations behind his sweeping story of contemporary American society that echoes classics from the previous gilded age. Tom and Laurie praise while they ponder the pressures of producing a narrative that captures the spirit of the times. The result is a thoroughly entertaining extended reflection on how we write today.

Also, Fran Lebowitz returns to recommend Deborah Eisenberg's masterful new collection of short stories, Your Duck is My Duck.

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The LARB Radio Hour is hosted by Eric Newman, Medaya Ocher, and Kate Wolf.


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