Brad Gooch’s “Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring”

By LARB Radio HourMarch 15, 2024

Brad Gooch’s “Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring”
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Eric Newman and Kate Wolf speak with Brad Gooch about his new biography, Radiant: The Life and Line of Keith Haring. A deep-dive into the life of an artist whose work can be seen today on everything from museum walls to t-shirts and tote bags, Gooch’s book unearths the cultural moment that gave rise to Haring’s meteoric career before his untimely death in 1990. Moving across topics including the commercialization of art, cultural appropriation, the AIDS crisis, and more, Radiant brings the highly-recognizable artist into nuanced focus.

Also, Tana French, author of The Hunter, returns to recommend Watership Down by Richard Adams.

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