“One Whole Voice”: A Celebration of Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, and Juan Felipe Herrera

“One Whole Voice”: A Celebration of Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, and Juan Felipe Herrera


The Los Angeles Review of Books is proud to present the LARB/UCR Lifetime Achievement Award to three groundbreaking Poets Laureate of the United States. With their brilliant, humane, highly original verse, their lifelong public service, and their mentorship of younger writers, Rita Dove, Juan Felipe Herrera, and Joy Harjo have not only contributed to the cultural life of our nation but have helped to shape it. As the first Black, Latinx, and Native American poets to hold the title of Poet Laureate, Dove, Herrera, and Harjo have worked to bring the American literary establishment closer to its democratic ideals, ensuring that American writers of all backgrounds can aspire to greater heights of achievement, and that the nation’s unfolding song grows richer, truer, and more profound with each generation.

This year's virtual program will include

⬥ A special poetry reading in the round featuring our three honorees.

⬥ Tributes from poets Rigoberto González, Dean Rader, Safiya Sinclair, Jose Javier Zamora, and others.

⬥ Interview with the honorees.

⬥ Intimate conversation with the Poets Laureate.

⬥ A special Q&A segment with young, emerging poets.

... AND all attendees will receive a special gift book bundle featuring autographed copies of Rita Doves Collected Poems 1974-2004, Joy Harjo’s American Sunrise, and Juan Felipe Herrera’s Everyday We Get More Illegal mailed to their homes.

Tickets are very limited. Your ticket benefits the Los Angeles Review of Books, a 501(c)(3) public service nonprofit and is tax-deductible.


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For more info, contact Irene Yoon at [email protected]



In light of the profound impact and inspiration Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, and Juan Felipe Herrera have provided young and emerging poets over their careers, the Los Angeles Review of Books has partnered with Get Lit, a community organization bringing poetry into the schools and lives of teens and young adults across Los Angeles, to create ticket sponsorship opportunities for this event. We invite you to consider sponsoring tickets for these young poets to attend this special event and join in the evening's conversation with these three groundbreaking poets.

To learn more, contact Nanda Dyssou at [email protected]


A special thanks to event sponsor W.W. Norton & Co. and LARB’s Matching Grant 2020 Event Donors Ron Arias, Laura Donnelley, Kieran Setiya, Jenny Williams and Joan Henehan, for helping make this event possible, and to W.W. Norton & Co. and City Lights for their generous donations of books.