Tara Isabella Burton

Tara Isabella Burton is working on a doctorate in literature and theology as a Clarendon Scholar at Trinity College, Oxford. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in National Geographic Traveler, The Paris Review Daily, The AtlanticElectric Literature, and more. 


The Lost World of Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig longs for more than Vienna in 1900- it's the world of childhood, of illusions, and faith in human goodness the world so often denies....

The Rotted Heart of Sin

TODAY, THE NOVELISTS and short story writers that comprise the canon of French Decadence — delineated, loosely, as beginning with Barbey D'Aurevilly ...

What Fourth Wall?

On "Sleep No More," Punchdrunk theater company's reimagining of "Macbeth"...

What Fourth Wall?