Paul Kincaid

Paul Kincaid is a recipient of both the Thomas D. Clareson Award from the Science Fiction Research Association, and the British Science Fiction Association Award for nonfiction. He is the author of What It Is We Do When We Read Science Fiction (2008) and Call And Response (2014). His forthcoming book Iain M. Banks will be published by Illinois University Press in 2017.


The Destruction of Genre

David Mitchell's "Slade House" demonstrates once again that no genre, no narrative device, is ever allowed to stand unchallenged....

What Does Not Exist

AROUND THE MIDDLE of the second century of the Christian Era, Lucian, a satirist from Samosata in what is now Turkey, ...

Everything Can Be a Myth

Mythical speech is made of a material which has already been worked on so as to make it suitable for communication.” - ...

Playful Games with Reality: Christopher Priest’s “The Islanders”
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