Paul Ingram

Paul is a former political talk show host on 60 minutes on IRINN, broadcast in Iran and globally by IRIB, Iranian state TV (2007–’12). At the same time, he was executive director of a think tank exploring, with diverse governments, practical means to pursue effective steps toward nuclear disarmament called the British American Security Information Council (, 2007–’19). He was also, in the same period, a tutor at the UK National School of Government on their flagship Top Management Program for senior civil servants (2007–’12). Previously, he has been co-leader of Oxford City Council (representing the Green Party, 2000–’02) and election coordinator and European Parliament candidate for London (2004). For the past 17 years, he has been the author of numerous reports and papers on diplomacy, nuclear weapon, and broader security issues for BASIC ( This last year, his project on Stepping Stones for nuclear diplomacy has been adopted by sixteen states under the leadership of the Swedes; their second Ministerial meeting was hosted by the Germans in Berlin in February 2020.