Paul Graham Raven

Paul Graham Raven is a postgraduate researcher in infrastructure futures and theory at the University of Sheffield, as well as a futurist, writer, literary critic and occasional journalist; his work has appeared in such venues as MIT Technology ReviewWired UKARC Magazine, The Los Angeles Review of Books and The Guardian. He lives a stone's throw from the site of the Battle of Orgreave in the company of a duplicitous cat, three guitars he can hardly play, and sufficient books to constitute an insurance-invalidating fire hazard. @PaulGrahamRaven /


A Genre in Crisis: On Paul Di Filippo's "Wikiworld"

SCIENCE FICTION” is in crisis.                                                                         The sign “science fiction” is now referent to two related yet distinct signifieds, and the crisis ...

A Genre in Crisis: On Paul Di Filippo’s “Wikiworld”