Nádia Gotlib

Nádia Battella Gotlib is a professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Literature at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. She is also a CNPq Senior Researcher and a visiting professor at several Brazilian universities. Gotlib has held visiting positions abroad, including as a Visiting Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Brazilian Studies and Senior Assistant Membre (SAM) at St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford (1998), and as a Visiting Professor teaching courses through the Chair of Brazilian Studies at the University of Buenos Aires. Gotlib has published 11 books, among them: Clarice, uma vida que se conta (Ática, 1995; revised and updated seventh edition, Editora USP, 2013); and Clarice Fotobiografia (Editora USP/Imesp,  2008; revised and updated third edition, 2014). These two books were translated into Spanish, respectively in Buenos Aires (2007) and Mexico City (2015). Gotlib specializes in autobiography; biography; epistolary writing, diary writing, and memoir.