Marcelo Gleiser

Marcelo Gleiser is the Appleton Professor of Natural Philosophy and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Dartmouth College. In 1994, he received the Presidential Faculty Fellows Award from the White House and NSF. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. Author of over 100 peer-reviewed articles, Gleiser is a world-renowned theoretical physicist. His research focuses on the physics of the early universe, the emergence of complexity and the origin of life. Gleiser is also the author of four books in English (12 in Portuguese) exploring the philosophical and cultural roots of science. His latest is The Island of Knowledge: The Limits of Science and the Search for Meaning (Basic Books, 2014). A Tear at the Edge of Creation: A radical new vision for life in an imperfect universe (Free Press 2010) was published in 12 languages. He is also the co-founder and contributor of the National Public Radio blog 13.7 on science and culture.