Magdalena Kröner

Magdalena Kröner works as a journalist, essayist and art historian in Düsseldorf and the U. S. Her contributions can be found in publications such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Quarterly, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Kunstforum International, Monopol, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Zeit. In her writing, she focuses increasingly on the connections of contemporary art, digitality and body politics. To this end she has conducted intensive research in the U. S. and publishes widely on the topic. For the periodical “Kunstforum International,” she writes an ongoing series of essays called “Digital Bodies.” Another focus of her work is the investigation into art scenes outside of established western art hubs. So far, she has extensively reported on art scenes in the United Arab Emirates, the Baltic States, China, South Africa and Southeast Asia. From 2005–2015 she kept a secondary residence in New York, contributing to various German media. Kröner was a 2021 Thomas Mann Fellow at the Thomas Mann House Los Angeles.