Judith Finell

Judith Finell is a musicologist who studied music as an undergraduate at UCLA, where Schoenberg once taught. She has spent many hours at concerts in Schoenberg Hall on the UCLA campus, where she now is on faculty as an adjunct professor. She received an MA in musicology at University of California, Berkeley, and has testified as an expert witness at many milestone music copyright trials and proceedings, including for the estates of Marvin Gaye, Igor Stravinsky, Duke Ellington, and Michael Jackson. She co-teaches with attorney Don Franzen the only course in forensic musicology of its kind in the country. She also leads her own firm, Judith Finell MusicServices Inc., and, with her team of expert musicologists, consults in the music, media, and legal fields in New York and Los Angeles. Finell has guest-lectured at Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, and NYU law schools, as well as before the Copyright Royalty Board of the US Copyright Office, and before international forums on the protection of musical creativity.