Jonathan Hahn

Jonathan Hahn is the Executive Editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books. He also serves as Politics Editor, and is the co-editor of "Around the World." He is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the organization. Under his leadership, the Los Angeles Review of Books evolved from a digital-only magazine to publishing both in print and online. He manages the integration of the print and digital editions, including the Los Angeles Review of Books: Magazine, which he edits, and the LARB Quarterly Journal. He has developed creative partnerships between LARB and other magazines, which include serving as a contributing editor to Flaunt and executive producer on a joint LARB AV / Los Angeles magazine documentary. He is one of the founding editors of LARB. In 2013 he launched and is currently the director of the LARB Publishing Course, a seminar series designed to teach college students how to create, edit and publish an independent magazine. Participating students take over LARB's tabloid print magazine and publish their own edition, which is then circulated throughout Los Angeles and mailed to members. The course, which features weekly lectures on editing, copyediting, marketing, layout and design, is now offered annually as part of the organization's summer internship program. He was a lead instructor for Emerson College LA's "Summer Workshop in Magazine Publishing," taught in collaboration with LARB, the outcome of which was the launch of Lark magazine. Jonathan Hahn has worked in book publishing out of New York as well as in strategic communications and advocacy for non-profit and non-governmental organizations. He was the Carl Wilkens Fellowship Media and Communications Instructor for the Genocide Intervention Network two years in a row.


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THERE ARE SOME WORKS OF WRITING or painting, speech, or film that do more than just stand as great works of ...

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