John Clute

John Clute is the author of six volumes of reviews and criticism, most recently Pardon This Intrusion: Fantastika in the World Storm (Beccon Publications, 2011). He coedited The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction (1979; 2nd ed. 1993) and The Encyclopedia of Fantasy (1997), both of which won Hugo Awards for Best Non-Fiction Book of the Year. With David Langford he is currently working on the ongoing third edition of the SF Encyclopedia, online through Orion/Gollancz from October 2011; it won a 2012 Hugo; further information about this project can be found here.


No Escape

IN THE EARLY months of 1944, half a year before the Russians liberate Auschwitz, one of the protagonists of Lavie Tidhar’...

Nothing Easier

NOTHING EASIER, you might think. Robert Silverberg has been so central to the writing and presentation of sf over the last ...

A Sweet Theorem of a Book

IT PROBABLY TAKES a Canadian, even a convert like Robert Charles Wilson, to think it might be a good idea to ...

Margaret Atwood and the S and F Words