Ira Wells

Ira Wells is a Toronto-based culture writer and the author of Fighting Words: Polemics and Social Change in Literary Naturalism. He has written essays and opinion pieces for The New RepublicAmerican Quarterly, Popular Music and Society, Canada’s National Post, and elsewhere. Follow on Twitter at @Ira_Wells


The Full-Spectrum Loser

"Hotels of North America" consists of a series of Morse's hotel reviews for

Jonathan Lethem, the Elephant Man

What "Lucky Alan" underscores about Jonathan Lethem, and what sets him apart from the rest of the herd, is his ability to speak to multiple interpretive communities at the same time....

Epic Noir

Ira Wells on James Ellroy’s "Perfidia"...


2013 IN REVIEW: Rachel Kushner’s THE FLAMETHROWERS and Caleb Crain’s NECESSARY ERRORS       Trude Love: Alizah Salario on Eric ...

The Departed

Robert Stone’s novels play by their own rules....

The Departed