Imanol Galfarsoro

Imanol Galfarsoro was educated in French, British, and American universities. Obtained his PhD from the University of Leeds (Sociology and Social Policy). Takes active part in cross-disciplinary international research networks conducting academic studies on questions of multiculturalism, identity politics, and diversity. Also involved in a number of grassroots intellectual projects reflecting his interest in the intersection of critical social theory and political philosophy with post- and de-colonial studies. Has published several books and a considerable amount of articles, collaborations in collective publications, and introductions to books in Basque, English, and Spanish. 


The Book that Everyone Needs to Read

IN THE FOLLOWING INTERVIEW Imanol Galfarsoro talks with Santiago Zabala about his book, co-authored with Gianni Vattimo, Hermeneutic Communism. They discuss ...

Gianni Vattimo and Santiago Zabala’s Hermeneutic Communism