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Erin Horáková

Erin Horáková is a southern American writer. She has been a journalist, a pastry chef, a field and factory laborer on kibbutzim, a legal researcher, a fundraiser for the Obama campaign, and a teacher. Erin lives in London with her partner, and is writing her comparative literature PhD on the mechanics of charm at Queen Mary. She is a regular contributor to Strange Horizons and, and currently works in publishing. She script-edits and helps write and produce an independent radio-play series. She writes fiction, blogs, cooks, is active in fandom, and is an ardent activist.


  • Straight Couples: How Do They Work?

    Straight Couples: How Do They Work?

    At the Mouth of the River of Bees collects 17 of Kij Johnson’s stories, the bulk of which have been published over the course of more than two decades. The book includes a few of the adaptations of Heian-era ...