Elias Wondimu

Elias Wondimu is the CEO and President of TSEHAI Corp., a global knowledge company, and founding director of TSEHAI Publishers and its four imprints. Since the 2011 closure of Howard University Press, TSEHAI is the only African or African-American publisher housed in an American or European university. In this unique position, Wondimu plays a crucial role in filling the global knowledge gap about Ethiopia and Africa. He is a lecturer at the LARB/USC Publishing Workshop; Resident Scholar at Loyola Marymount University; a senior fellow of the International Strategic Studies Association; a fellow of the Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities; contributing editor of the Los Angeles Review of Books; member of the advisory council of Ethiopian Diaspora Trust Fund; and advisor to the Ethiopian manuscript collection program at Princeton University. Wondimu has received several awards and commendations, including the Bikila Award (2019) and the Hidden Heroes Award by Loyola Marymount University (2018). He was named a Grand Officer of the Imperial Order of Emperor Menelik II by the Crown Council of Ethiopia (2017) and an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation (2007). He was also honored with the 2008 Who's Who in Black Los Angeles. He appeared in many national and international media outlets, including NPR, BBC, Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles Times, The Ethiopian Herald, ETV and more.