David Green

David F. Green Jr. is director of the Writing Program and associate professor of English at Howard University. He remains committed to serving historically underrepresented students and theorizing rhetoric and composition practice at minority serving institutions. Dr. Green is also the editor of Visions and Cyphers, a writing studies textbook composed with an emphasis on culture and language research in composition studies. His research interests include Hip Hop, African American rhetoric, Writing Assessment, Writing Program Administration, Critical Pedagogy, and Emancipatory Composition studies. He is currently the Secretary of the Conference on College Composition and Communications (CCCCs) and is a proud member of the NCTE/CCCCs affiliated Black Caucus and the CCCCs Language Policy Committee. He is currently working on a monograph entitled Raising Game, which looks at the complex ways individuals use hip-hop to engage in critical writing practices, and what this might provide current theories of language, composition, and critical pedagogy.