David Francis

David Francis’s first novel Agapanthus Tango was published in the US as The Great Inland Sea. His second novel, Stray Dog Winter, was the Australian Literature Review’s Novel of the Year, and won the 2010 American Library Association Stonewall Prize for Literature. For more information, go to www.straydogwinter.com.


Les Plesko, 1954 – 2013

LES PLESKO It is with enormous sadness that I tell you that Les Plesko, one of UCLA Extension Writers’ Program’s ...

Lives Derailed, Novel Unfinished

Delving into an unfinished novel is a sticky business. The chance to sneak behind the fluffed and combed prose, and cast a glance at the bare scaffolding can be fraught with expectations and the seeds of disappointment....

Lives Derailed, Novel Unfinished