Alyssa Loh

Alyssa Loh is based in New York, where she is completing a dual MFA(film)/MBA at NYU. She writes and makes films. Her 2017 Artforum essay, “I feel you,” examined the narrative and intersubjective implications of Virtual Reality technologies. She contributed to a published PEN America roundtable on surveillance while serving as deputy editor of the American Reader (2012–2015), and her recorded audio performances on auto-archiving were part of the “Ambient Reading Spectacular” at Dispersed Holdings (they are included in the box-set publication Holding Dispersing, released last year). In collaboration with D. Graham Burnett, her recent ESTAR(SER) project, “Protocol for Two People and Two Unread Books,” investigates the future of print and the problem of presence. She holds a BA from Princeton University.