Radio Hour: Part One with Bookworm’s Michael Silverblatt

June 11, 2015

**NOTE** For our podcast listeners, the LARB Radio Hour can now be downloaded as a separate podcast. The LARB Radio Hour will no longer appear on the LA Review of Books podcast.

On this week’s show, Tom, Laurie, and Seth interview Michael Silverblatt, the host of Bookworm, a nationally syndicated radio show featuring interviews with the world’s best writers of literary fiction and poetry. Silverblatt talks about conceiving a show where “the author finally talks to someone who has read their work,” and talks about his rigorous interviewing style and process, shares stories about some of his favorite guests — like David Foster Wallace and Joy Williams — and also talks about his childhood and his early love of musicals.

Featuring Tom Lutz, Laurie Winer, and Seth Greenland. Produced by Jerry Gorin.


Part II is available here.


LARB Radio Hour airs every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on KPFK 90.7 Los Angeles.