The Domestic First Responder

March 30, 2015

THE LATEST INTERVIEW from the LARB studios features Christopher Noxon, the talented journalist and author of the new book Plus One, in an interview with LARB's Michele Botwin Raphael. Plus One tells a story based both loosely and tenaciously on Noxon's own life and relationship with his successful TV writer wife, Jenji Kohan. Though trying to pick apart what's real and what's fake in the book is half the fun, Noxon is mostly up front about the differences and says that above all he set out to write a book that would portray with sheer honesty the funny, messy and bizarre lives of people living somewhere between Hollywood and the rest of the real world. Plus One also stands out as an important piece of work regarding gender politics, as Noxon writers candidly about living the role of a house-husband (he jokingly prefers the term "domestic first responder") and looks at the anxieties and other dilemmas that women in those roles have faced for generations. 


Michele Botwin Raphael is a writer and editor, specializing in digital media, entertainment, pop culture, books, arts and lifestyle topics.