Dodie Bellamy’s “Bee Reaved” and Mia Hansen-Love’s “Bergman Island”

October 14, 2021

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Writer Dodie Bellamy joins Kate Wolf to speak about her latest collection, Bee Reaved. The book gathers nearly 20 essays Bellamy has written over the last few years, with a focus on the state of bereavement, examining the loss not only of her husband, Kevin Killian, but also of other artists, of physical objects, of her own past lives, and of radical social movements. As with all of Bellamy’s work, the pieces in Bee Reaved foreground the viscera of the body and aspects of the physical world, while also engaging with ghosts, fairy tales, the Internet, spirituality and a deep sense of community.

And in this week’s second interview, Kate is joined by filmmaker Mia Hansen-Love, whose latest movie, Bergman Island — her first in English — follows a filmmaking couple during their residency on Fårö, the island in Sweden where Ingmar Bergman lived and shot many of his films. As the couple, Chris and Tony, work on their screenplays and tour the sites that inspired the great director, the line between real life and fiction becomes ever more ambiguous. Bergman Island opens in theaters on October 15 and will be available for digital rental on October 22.