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LARB Radio Hour: Episode 1

By LARB AVFebruary 9, 2015

LARB Radio Hour: Episode 1

This is the debut episode of the Los Angeles Review of Books Radio Hour (actually a half hour, but we're aspirational). Join LARB founding editor Tom Lutz, fiction editor Laurie Winer, and author Seth Greenland every week for conversations about literature, arts and politics, along with interviews and critiques from today's leading writers and thinkers.

This week's topics include the legacy of Hannah Arendt from a recent book by Bettina Stangneth, reading for pleasure via Charles Dickens, and the cult of modern noir writer James Ellroy. Also featuring contributions from Juan Felipe Herrera and Maria Bustillos.

We'll update new segments each week at the Los Angeles Review of Books website. You can also subscribe to LARB's podcast via iTunes, or tune in live on Wednesdays at 8pm (PST) on KPFK radio.


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