Where I Used to Walk

July 17, 2016   •   By Juan Felipe Herrera

(photo above: Kevin Andrew Woolsey)
(photo left: City Lights)



Where I Used to Walk

— for the officers killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
those injured & their families



where I used to walk
my yellow dog gone the one dove on the lamp above
police slaughtered (once again this time a Sunday)
U & i
move above the concrete wind wind
here we sit by ancient trees fenced against the blaze
between the slabs the green-blue tendrils seek
light (where is it)— the stuff U & i throw away

long gun
polished before dawn one eyed
takes aim takes it we are left
remain steady remain waving
under the shifting clouds

they did not go home on Sunday
they did not go home on Sunday
time timelove (where is it what is it
can it be attained)


— Juan Felipe Herrera
July 17, 2016