Here’s to Life with Tori Reid, Episode 02: Phylicia Rashad - What Makes Phylicia, Phylicia?

February 14, 2020   •   By Tori Reid, Patrick A. Howell

Here’s to Life with Tori Reid
Episode 02: Phylicia Rashad - What Makes Phylicia, Phylicia?



I am reunited with an icon, mentor and source of personal inspiration.  In an unforgettable conversation, we explore what makes Phylicia, Phylicia, the sweetness of her childhood, love and marriage, self care with 40 years of meditation, what she’s grappled with, those special years on the Cosby Show, her film debut in Tim Reid’s Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored along with Al Freeman, Jr, and Paula Kelly, completing her narrating Academy Award–winning storyteller Kobe Bryant’s, the Wizenard Series, her directorial Broadway debut with “Blue”, a jazz play by playwright Charles Randolph-Wright, and so much more!  Here’s to America’s Mom, Phylicia Rashad.

- Tori Reid


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