Rebecca Solnit on What Democracy Means

October 19, 2020

Rebecca Solnit on What Democracy Means

Polymath author of twenty books, writer, historian, essayist, urban geographer, memoirist, and activist Rebecca Solnit is our inaugural guest on 55 Voices for Democracy. The author of, among other books, Men Explain Things to MeSavage DreamsInfinite City, A Paradise Built in HellA Field Guide to Getting LostHope in the Dark, Recollections of My Nonexistence, and her recent The Mother of All Questions, she is a thinker dedicated to furthering radical equality and economic justice, for whom "a commitment to the future makes the present inhabitable." We thought she would be a good person to ask about the current state of and prospects for democracy.  She is interviewed by Tom Zoellner and Amal Khaled.


This podcast is part of the series "55 Voices for Democracy," an initiative launched by the Thomas Mann House in October 2019. With the new podcast series, Los Angeles Review of Books, Thomas Mann House, Goethe-Institute Boston, the Goethe Pop Up Seattle, and WunderbarTogether expand the successful series. Tom Zoellner and his co-hosts engage in a vivid conversation with intellectuals, artists, and activists about the question of how to renew democracy today. 






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