These carefully selected articles, poems, interviews and essays — all written exclusively for this publication — appeal to readers with wide-ranging interests and a love for the literary. The new issue of the LARB Quarterly Journal includes:

  • Feature essays by CAConrad, Colin Dickey, Amy Hough, Morten Høi Jensen, Gregory Morrison, Ben Parker, Zachary Tyler Vickers, Steve Wasserman, and Tom Zoellner.
  • Original poetry by Justin Boening, Rickey Laurentiis, Jane Mead, Julia Anna Morrison, and Sarah Ruhl.
  • Short takes by Rebecca Chace, Samantha Dunn, Sonia Greenfield, Susan Scarf Merrell, Dinty W. Moore, Scott Nadelson, Peter Trachtenberg, David L. Ulin, and Nicole Walker.
  • Including an Artist Portfolio and profile of Noah Davis.