Van Dyke Parks

Van Dyke Parks is an American composer, arranger, record producer, instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, author, and actor. Parks worked with Brian Wilson (including as lyricist to the Beach BoysSmile project), Phil Ochs The ByrdsTim BuckleyLittle FeatLoudon Wainwright IIIRufus WainwrightHarry NilssonRandy NewmanRy Cooder, Ringo Starr, and Skrillax, among many others. He also produced a dozen albums of his own, most recently Songs Cycled and Super Chief: Music for the Silver Screen. He lives in Los Angeles and has generously provided incidental music for the Los Angeles Review of Books.      

"Well, to me, the tensile strength and the very definition of an artist is something that I would place at the top of a vertical hierarchy. To be an artist is to suffer and to lead a life without shelter. It takes a great amount of daring-do, self reinvention, imagination, familial loyalty, sacrifice, economic uncertainty, and the right to be wrong, the right to fail in order to achieve something of noticeable value. "

– Van Dyke Parks



The Super Chief

Van Dyke Parks remembers a 1957 train ride from Princeton to Pasadena....

Letter from Berlin

ROOM 368 OF THE HOTEL Kronprinz, on Berlin's Kronprinzendamm, is hidden from the street by a summer foliage of surrounding linden, ...

Art Spiegelman and Van Dyke Parks

LARB's official composer Van Dyke Parks talks informally with his old friend Art Spiegelman about all things Maus. And then Evan ...

Art Spiegelman and Van Dyke Parks
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