Oliver Wang

Oliver Wang is an associate professor of sociology at CSU-Long Beach. Apart from being a contributing audio editor for the Los Angeles Review of Books, he also regularly contributes to NPR and the Los Angeles Times and writes his own audioblog, soul-sides.com. He is the author of an upcoming book on Filipino American mobile DJs (on Duke University Press) entitled Legions of Boom.


Rage, Race, and Recipes

In Fresh Off the Boat, Chef Eddie Huang’s thoughts on race and masculinity are provocative but they often result in the memoir’s most muddled arguments....

RJ Smith on James Brown

RJ Smith photo by Jenny Burman   Oliver Wang interviews R.J. Smith about his biography of the hardest working man ...

Living with Linsanity

Racial difference was an integral part of Linsanity since the beginning and, as the phenomenon grew, the issue would continue to snowball....

Living with Linsanity