David E. Cooper

David E. Cooper is Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Durham University, England. He has been a visiting professor in several countries, including the United States, Canada, South Africa, Malta, and Sri Lanka. He has also been the chair or president of several learned societies, including The Mind Association, the Aristotelian Society, and the Friedrich Nietzsche Society of Great Britain. The most recent of his many books are The Measure of Things: Humanism, Humility and Mystery; A Philosophy of Gardens, Convergence with Nature: A Daoist Perspective; and Sunlight on the Sea: Reflecting on Reflections. Professor Cooper now divides his time between writing and his work as the secretary and a trustee of the charity Project Sri Lanka. He lives with his wife in Northumberland, England.


Why Religion?: An Exchange

David E. Cooper reviews Rupert Shortt's "Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?," and Shortt responds....

Speaking of Silence

Does Alain Corbin's "A History of Silence" help us, as the author hopes, relearn how to be silent?...

In Praise of Gardens

David E. Cooper reviews Damon Young's "Voltaire’s Vine and Other Philosophies: How Gardens Inspired Great Writers."...

Of Gods and Philosophers

David E Cooper reviews Ronald Dworkin’s last (posthumously published) book, Religion Without God....

Of Gods and Philosophers

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