Annie Buckley

Annie Buckley is an artist, writer, and educator with an emphasis on art and social justice, and the founder of the Prison Arts Collective. Her writing has appeared in numbers publications including Artforum, Art in America, Artillery, and The Huffington Post. Buckley is the editor of Higher Education and the Carceral State (Routledge, 2024) and the author of three works of fiction, Navigating Ghosts, Psychic Outlaws, and Mayday, published as part of multidisciplinary art projects; and numerous nonfiction books for youth on topics including racism, homelessness, and the arts. Buckley’s visual and participatory art has been included in museum, gallery, and public exhibitions, including at Carl Berg Gallery and Los Angeles International Airport. Buckley has earned numerous grants and awards, including a formal recognition by the California State Senate, Outstanding Professor of CSUSB in 2018–19, and grants from the NEA and the California Arts Council. Buckley is a professor and associate dean at San Diego State University.