Ali Kinsella

Ali Kinsella is a translator from Ukrainian whose works include essays, poetry, monographs, and subtitles to various films. She is the co-translator, with Ostap Kin, of Vasyl Lozynsky’s chapbook The Maidan After Hours (2017) and, with Dzvinia Orlowsky, of Natalka Bilotserkivets’s collection Eccentric Days of Hope and Sorrow (2021). She won the 2019 Kovaliv Fund Prize for her translation of Taras Prokhasko’s Anna’s Other Days. She holds an MA in Slavic studies from Columbia University, where she focused on Eastern European history and literature. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Kinsella lived in both Western and Central Ukraine for nearly five years. She now lives in Chicago, where she also sometimes works as a baker.