The LARB Channels are a community of wholly independent online magazines specializing in fiction, poetry, literary criticism, politics, science, religion, and culture, supported by the Los Angeles Review of Books.


Avidly specializes in short-form critical essays that respond to literature and culture by blending critical rigor with enthusiasm.


The Eephus is a forum for writers of all kinds to tell stories about the sports they love, at all levels of play.


Guernica is a non-profit magazine dedicated to global art and politics, published online since 2004. With contributors from every continent and at every stage of their careers, we are a home for singular voices, incisive ideas, and critical questions.

Hong Kong Review of Books

HKRB  is focused on the discussion and promotion of texts of all varieties and from all over the world. We are particularly interested in what we think of as ‘radical’ texts (any text which challenges normative ideas, assumptions and practices) and in promoting discussions of Hong Kong literature, and of literature in Hong Kong.

Tell Your True Tale

Tell Your True Tale is a writing workshop devised by journalist Sam Quinones. The goal of TYTT is to demystify writing, while helping new writers -especially people who have published very little, or nothing at all, before - cultivate their storytelling voices.  

The Marginalia Review of Books

The Marginalia Review of Books is an international review of literature and culture in the nexus of history, theology, and religion.

The Philosopher's Plant

The Philosopher's Plant seeks to lift the curtain on the role of vegetation in the making (and in the growth) of thought.

The Philosophical Salon

The Philosophical Salon's mission is to bring together leading intellectuals from across the world in a single forum where their reflections on things that matter to us all can be heard.

The Real Word Podcast

The first season of the Reading Opens Minds podcast, produced by the people behind the Reading Opens Minds non-profit, whose mission is "to promote literacy in at-risk communities through book clubs, empowering individuals, building relationships and inspiring hope." This podcast will follow a group of teenagers in Los Angeles, who will meet each week to discuss a book, their ideas and their lives. Like MTV’s The Real World, we hope to introduce you to a new generation. You will get to know these talented young men and women intimately as they tell their own stories through the books they read.


Voluble is an off-the-page makers’ space for writers and artists of all kinds. The channel aspires to be an outlet for experimentation, play, collaboration, and any other gestures that coincide with a visual or literary art practice.