Circling the Abyss: Talking to Sam Lipsyte, author of "Hark"

By LARB AVFebruary 8, 2019

Circling the Abyss: Talking to Sam Lipsyte, author of "Hark"
Sam Lipsyte talks to co-hosts Kate Wolf and Medaya Ocher about his latest novel, "Hark," which follows the exploits of an unlikely prophet named Hark and his acolytes, who think that they have found salvation in “mental archery.” Sam, Kate, and Medaya discuss the appeal of gurus, the power of satire, and how to explain global warming to your kids. Sam Lipsyte is the author of author of Venus Drive, The Ask, Home Land, and The Fun Parts. He is also the Chair of the creative writing program at Columbia University.

Also, Dan Lopez, author of The Show House, returns to recommend Stephen Hawking's Brief Answers to the Big Questions.

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