Mike Rodelli

Mike Rodelli would describe himself as a diligent researcher, author, and lifelong student of any topic that catches his interest, mainly unsolved mysteries. These included, in the 1970s, the mystery of Oak Island and the search for the lost Spanish galleon, The Atocha, which almost inspired Mike to leave graduate school and head to Florida to try to join the late Mel Fisher in his search. Originally from Woodside, New York, his education includes a BA in Biology from Montclair State College (now a University) where he graduated summa cum laude, a MS in Biological Oceanography from University of Rhode Island and Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. Always on a quest to help other people and a never-ending quest for knowledge and new experiences, he has held various jobs in the health and business sectors. Little did Mike know that his eclectic interests and academic background coupled with his varied work experiences would prove most useful as he sought out evidence and even took on controversial DNA findings that nearly derailed his investigation in 2002, in order to solve the now infamous case of the Zodiac Killer.


The Serial Killer as a Marketing Genius